Thule roof tents and Vsett electric scooters, best price and available now!


We offer you brand new Thule roof tents and Vsett electric scooters in original packaging and at the best price on the market.

Thule roof tents are durable and easy to install, which provides you with a comfortable and safe place to stay when traveling and saves space in the vehicle.

Scooters, on the other hand, help you move quickly and comfortably in urban areas or in nature.

All of our products are in stock right away, so you can call and pick them up right away!

We can also help with the selection of suitable roof frames.

For additional questions and purchase requests, you can contact us quickly by sending an e-mail: or by calling: +372 56 212 213

Summer vacation and camping season is in full swing!

Tepui Kukenam

Thule 3-inimese katusetelk Tepui Kukenam

PRICE 3120 2736.- EUR  (VAT INCL)

Tepui Ayer

Thule 2-inimese katusetelk Tepui Ayer

PRICE 2120 1935.- EUR (VAT INCL)


Thule 2-inimese katusetelk Tepui POPUP

PRICE  3770 3360.-  EUR (VAT INCL)

Elektritõukeratas VSETT 10

Elektritõukeratas VSETT 10+ 2WD 60V/25,6Ah, Offroad

PRICE 2350 1880.- EUR (VAT INCL)