When using the search, please take into account that you enter the desired rental period exactly, because some vehicles also have hourly pricing and some vehicles do not, i.e. if you want to rent a vehicle for 25 hours, then for some vehicles the price will be 2 days and for other vehicles a day + one hour fee. The portal displays all this for available vehicles after entering the rental period.
If you want to rent or return the vehicle at the weekend or during non-working hours, an additional charge of €25 will be added per time. This can create a situation where returning the vehicle on Sunday afternoon is more expensive than on Monday morning. Therefore, we ask you to always try the option where you rent the vehicle and return it during working hours on working days.
However, if your rental request is different or more complicated than the result obtained by our search, please let us know by e-mail: rent [ät] flameko.ee

We would like to point out that you should enter the desired dates and especially the times with sufficient reserve, because in case of delay, an hourly fee of €20 per hour will be applied and a fine of €100 will be added, if the customer has not reached an agreement in advance to extend the rental period of the vehicle.